A-1 All American Roofing Co. In Southern CA. Can Provide a Cost-effective Way to Extend the Life of Your Roof.

A-1 All American Roofing Co. In Southern CA. Can Provide a Cost-effective Way to Extend the Life of Your Roof.

All roofs are exposed to severe and relentless forces: the sun’s heat and UV rays, thermal shock, building movement and ponded water all contribute to roof deterioration. When a roof hasn’t been properly maintained and begins to deteriorate, it’s bad news. Every rainfall brings forth new leaks which can ruin inventory, stop production, destroy records, damage furnishings and create safety hazards.

Henry Roof Maintenance Systems Stop Deterioration, Prevent Leaks and Give a Far Greater Return on Your Investment in a Valuable Asset Your Roof.

The Cost of a Roof

What is the most economical roof? It is a properly-maintained roof which provides the maximum years of service:

Annual roof cost = Purchase price + maintenance expenseYears of roof life

Henry Company can provide an economical maintenance system which will add years of additional life to your roof, and which in future years can be maintained effectively and inexpensively. Henry Roof Maintenance Systems result in the lowest annual roofing cost.

Henry Company…your Partner in Roof Maintenance

Building owners and asset managers are finding it in their long-term best interests to form a partnership with a quality roofing manufacturer. They need a partner:

  • with experience and professionalism
  • with an innovative and flexible approach
  • with reliable and cost-effective systems

They need a partner who has withstood the test of time, and who will be there for them in the future. And most of all, they need a partner who is focused clearly on service.

Henry Roof Maintenance Systems Will:

  • significantly extend roof life
  • repair leaks and roof damage
  • stop roof deterioration

They Can Add Dramatic New Benefits:

  • reduce roof temperatures by up to 50· F 1
  • lower air conditioning costs by up to 22% 2
  • may qualify for an energy rebate from the utility company
  • usually can be fully deducted as a maintenance “expense” item 3

They Are Applied to Your Existing Roof:

  • no expensive roof tearoff is required
  • no additional heavy structural loads
  • environmentally friendly products
  • no obnoxious hot asphalt odors
  • warranty protection available
  • seamless Monolithic™ membrane

A Solution for Almost Every Roofing Problem

Because there are a wide variety of building and roof types, Henry manufactures a number of roof maintenance systems which – combined with a reflective coating- provide the optimum solution to just about every roofing problem. In order to completely customize your Henry Roof Maintenance System to the specific requirements of the building, we:

  • inspect and gather specific data at the site
  • assess and interpret this information
  • write a custom specification action plan
  • assist in selection of an approved contractor
  • provide ongoing inspections and follow-up on warranted projects.
  • Deportment of Energy Study: The Impact of Surface Reflectance on Thermal Performance of Roofs, E. I. Griggs and P. H. Shipp, Oak Ridge National Laborotory, 1988.
  • Independent studies have demonstrated up to a 22% savings in HVAC energy consumption in summer months through increased roof reflectivity even in well-insuloted buildings, with a payback period of two years for the reflective coating. “Building for the Future,” A research project sponsored by the University of S. Mississippi, Rohm and Haas Co. and Mississippi Power Company. Dr. C. J. Boutwell, et. al., 1986.
  • Maintenance to keep property in efficient operating condition is usually fully deducible as on ‘expense’ item vs. the 39-year depreciation Schedule for new commercial roofs required by current IRS tax codes. As tax regulations are subject to change, and as the principle of consistency takes past practice into account, consult your tax advisor for information applicable to your specific situation.

The Team Approach

Henry uses a team approach to assure that a warranted roof maintenance project is handled smoothly from start to finish. The Henry Sales Consultant is the key professional on the Henry team who is the primary contact for the building owner/property manager. Henry Sales Consultants have many years of experience in commercial roofing. Henry Technical Inspectors are former roofers who have hands-on experience with every phase of the project. They ensure that the agreed-upon specification is followed to the letter. Henry Approved Contractors are independent roofing contractors who install the roof maintenance system. Have your roofing contractor contact us, or we can assist in the selection of a qualified contractor.

Environmental Sensitivity

Henry Roof Maintenance Systems offer:

  • full VOC and EPA compliance
  • no obnoxious “hot asphalt” smell
  • no debris from tearoff of existing roof

Roof Maintenance Warranties

Henry offers a wide variety of roof maintenance systems, some of which have five-year warranties. Your Henry Sales Consultant will assist in selecting an appropriate maintenance system for your building, and will explain the warranty program in detail.

UL Fire Ratings

Henry Roof Maintenance Systems are classified and listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories.

When Should a Maintenance System Be Applied?

It is important to apply a maintenance system before the roofing membrane loses its flexibility, usually within 5 to 10 years depending on prevailing temperatures, sun exposure and roof drainage. A mineral-surfaced cap sheet roof should have a reflective coating applied immediately upon installation, or soon thereafter.

With planned maintenance and periodic renewal of the reflective coating on the maintenance systems, roof life can be extended indefinitely. This can more than DOUBLE the life of the roof.

Henry Roof Maintenance Systems

  • PolyMulsion TM Systems combine odorless, solvent-free, spray-applied asphalt emulsion with one or two plies of strong and resilient polyester reinforcement.
  • Cold-Ap R Systems combine spray-applied asphalt roof cement with one or two plies of strong and resilient polyester reinforcement.
  • Monolithic TM Surfacing provides a thick, waterproof, seamless, spray-applied layer of asphalt emulsion reinforced with chopped fiberglass.
  • Henry maintenance systems are topped with an elastomeric or aluminum reflective coating or granules to reflect the sun’s UV rays and heat.

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