Los Angeles Area PVC Roofing Systems Protect Your Building and Improve Efficiency Starting at the Top. Building owners are more and more retaining their buildings for a longer period of time, therefore long term warranties are a valuable commodity.

PVC Roofing Systems

Protect Your Building and Improve Efficiency Starting at the Top.

By installing Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Single Ply Roofing Systems you get a significant reduction in roof’s surface temperature which promote greater energy efficiency, more indoor comfort, and lower electricity bills. It’s no surprise that PVC roofs are the fastest growing, sustainable commercial and residential roofing products available. And with two decades of Single Ply roofing installation experience, A-1 All American Roofing proudly offers a wide variety of choices in PVC systems.

PVC roofing membrane is a high-performance, versatile sheet that is ideal for re-roofing and new construction projects. This product offers building owners the best of both worlds, featuring a superior puncture and tear-resistant membrane, with both chemical and UV resistance.

PVC is reinforced with a fiberglass or polyester scrim, further enhancing its physical properties and making one of the most high-performance roofing membranes on the market. They are uniquely formulated to withstand ponding water. Moisture will not pass through the membrane and ponding water will not affect the performance or warranty of PVC single-ply membranes.

These membranes are produced in labor-saving 5’, 6’, and 10’ foot widths, providing the building owner with a roof that has 67% fewer seams than Modified Bitumen roofs of a comparable size. This product will contribute toward LEED® credit requirements in new construction due to its highly reflective white color and it Title 24 compliant on all re-roofs.

PVC and KEE Roofing Systems

Proven Long-term Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Buildings

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and KEE (Ketone Ethylene Ester)  single ply membranes are often the ideal choice for commercial and industrial buildings  because PVC provides the strength and durability needed for long-term performance. PVC and KEE membranes have withstood the test of time with over 40 years in the roofing industry.  Unlike TPO which is still going through formulation changes, the consistency of PVC has remained virtually unchanged for 40 years.

Installing a PVC or KEE single ply roofing systems can be done directly over most existing membranes, eliminating adding to land fills as well as causing minimal disruption to building occupants. In addition, PVC and KEE membranes have the highest fire resistance of any roofing membrane, providing added protection for the building and its occupants. Choosing a  PVC roofing system for your building will help to ensure a long service life with excellent performance.

Energy Savings and Fire Safety

PVC and KEE bright white roofing membranes provide excellent reflectivity, helping to save on air conditioning costs, reduce total operational costs, and keep the building and its occupants cool. PVC and KEE membranes also provide exceptional fire resistance; in the event of a fire, the PVC will self-extinguish when the ignition source is removed, reducing the chance of the fire spreading to other parts of the building.

Resistant to Foot Traffic

PVC and KEE roofing membranes are strengthened by tenacious, polyester or fiberglass reinforcing fabrics that enhance resistance to the punctures and tears that can be caused by routine foot traffic. PVC and KEE are classified as Type IV – the strongest/highest rating available – according to the ASTM D4434 PVC Standard. Most TPO membranes are only rated as Type III.  Many manufacturers offer a puncture resistance warranty coverage as well as a 0% exclusion to standing water.

Quick Installation Time

Because PVC and KEE membranes are available in in 5', 6’, 10’ and 12' widths, they are fast and easy to apply, allowing installations to be completed quickly with minimal disruption to the occupants. PVC and KEE single ply roofing membranes have the largest selection of systems to match any requirement, including fully adhered and mechanically fastened assemblies. PVC and KEE membranes are stocked at most every roofing supply location across the nation for quick shipment to jobsites.

Full Line of Labor-saving Flashing  Accessories

PVC and KEE single ply roofing systems offer a complete line of custom and prefabricated flashing accessories to fit any size and shape of penetration or corner. The prefabricated flashing accessories are made from PVC membrane enhanced with KEE which provides excellent protection at critical transition areas. No conventional roofing assembly comes with 100% compatible accessories.

PVC System Warranties

Building owners are more and more retaining their buildings for a longer period of time, therefore long term warranties are a valuable commodity.  PVC and KEE warranties range from 5 to 30 years, depending on your system. Conventional built-up hot asphalt roofing system only offer 10 to 12 year warranties, or the manufacturer charges a premium to extend the warranty.  Total System Warranties and No-Dollar-Limit warranties are also available with the PVC and KEE systems.  These warranties do not depreciate over time or require a costly maintenance program. With a Total System Warranty, you can rest assured that your roofing investment is protected.

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Benefits of PVC Roofing Systems

PVC Membrane

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) single-ply membranes have been around for nearly 50 years, since the first installations in Europe in the 1960s. Since then, PVC membranes have quickly gained popularity in the roofing industry, and for the past 30 years have become recognized as a sustainable alternative for low-slope roofing systems.

PVC is now installed on thousands of rooftops across the world and is known for its durability and resistance to damage caused by water, fi re and puncture. PVC membranes will perform to the highest standards with a durability that is backed by industry-leading warranty coverage.

PVC Line of Products Include:

  • Polyester and fiberglass reinforced membranes for use on mechanically attached and fully adhered applications
  • Elvaloy® KEE-enhanced membranes for increased chemical resistance
  • 10-foot-wide membranes for fewer seams
  • Fleece-backed membranes for increased puncture resistance and durability

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

As energy costs continue to rise, so does the need for energy-efficient roofing systems. PVC highly reflective membranes can significantly lower ongoing operating costs by reducing air-conditioning usage, minimizing the urban heat island effect and also helping to slow the formation of smog-forming pollutants.  PVC membranes are ENERGY STAR® qualified, Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) rated, compliant with California’s Title 24 and can also contribute toward LEED® credit requirements.

Strength & Durability

Composed of three layers - a PVC polymer bottom ply, a strong polyester - reinforced fabric scrim and a tough thermoplastic PVC - compounded top ply PVC is specifically designed for long-term performance. Because of its enhanced durability PVC is also highly resistant to fi re and chemicals including acids, bases, restaurant oils and grease. PVC also offers increased wind resistance and has surpassed Factory Mutual’s I-90 wind resistance classification, one of the most stringent standards in the industry. PVC also resists damage that can be caused by roof traffic and construction, ensuring that your rooftop remains in ideal condition throughout the construction process.

Code Approvals

With enhanced wind uplift resistance and fi retardant characteristics, PVC membranes all meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM D4434. The membranes are also UL and FM approved and meet the requirements of Miami-Dade and the Florida Building Code.

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